Unique Gifts for Moms

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Make any day Mother’s Day with these unique gifts for moms. From gifts that help her relax to presents that take her away, young and old mothers alike are sure to love these unique gifts for mothers.

Unique Gifts for Moms Who Love to Read: Book & DVD Gift Combos

A nice way to make an ordinary gift an extraordinary one is to pair an award-winning book with its (hopefully) award-winning movie adaptation. Great for readers and movie lovers alike, a book/DVD combo present is a gift that gives mom a chance to feed her imagination and her senses (in whichever order she chooses).

Give Mom the Gift of Romance, Inspiration or Just a Good Thrill

Not sure what books to choose? Here are three popular novels paired with their equally-popular film adaptations, any one of which makes a great gift for a book-loving mother:

  • Dear John: Based on a novel by the perennially popular Nicholas Sparks, Dear John (2010) is a romantic drama about a young Army office who falls in love while on leave and must face the inevitable pain of separating with his lover when he re-enlists after the 9/11 attack.
  • The Shawshank Redemption: Nominated for seven Oscars, The Shawshank Redemption (1995) is the award-winning film adaption of Stephen King’s short story, Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemption. It’s an amazing story of human friendship, spirit and ingenuity. Want to make your present a double (or triple) feature? Stephen King’s short story is available in a four-story collection called Different Seasons that also includes the stories that were later adapted into the movies Apt Pupil (1998) and Stand by Me (1986).
  • Capote: Does your mother prefer biographies to romance? Then spare her the romcom combo and pair Gerald Clarke’s fascinating Capote with the 2005 Oscar-winning film adaptation of the same name (starring an amazing performance by Philip Seymour Hoffman). This pair is so good she’ll have a hard time deciding with which to start.

Unique Gifts for Moms who Need a Day Off: Spa & Slipper Gift Sets

What mother doesn’t deserve the gift of leisure and relaxation? Show her you know she deserves some time to herself by pairing a luxurious spa day with a pair of equally luxurious slippers for a unique present that she’s sure to appreciate. The slippers let her kick up her heels and remember her well-deserved day of indulgence long after the massage and mud bath have ended.

Pamper Mom’s Feet with These Plush Presents

Depending on whether your mom/wife is budget-minded, eco-friendly or eager to be outdoors, paired with a spa certificate, the slippers below make thoughtful gifts for mothers who need some me-time:

  • Bath & Body Works Sweetest, Softest Ever Slippers: Soft and affordably decadent, these plush microfiber slippers come in different mom-friendly colors and sizes.
  • Eco-Friendly Spa Slippers from Acorn: Velvety soft and vegan, Acorn’s line of Spa Wrap slippers are foot- and eco-friendly slippers that make special gifts for mothers.
  • REI’s Keen Howser Slippers: Cozy, breathable and water-resistant, Keen Howser slippers are durable slippers that let moms keep their feet comfy and snug for quick trips outside.

Unique Gifts for Moms who Cook Everyday: Gourmet Gift Packages

She’s probably cooked for you and your kids, so isn’t it time you repaid the favor with a unique gift that lets her enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal without all the hassle and dishes? Gourmet gift packages make wonderful edible presents for moms that pamper their taste budsโ€“without the clean up.

Unique Gourmet Gifts for Moms

These tried-and-true commercial kitchens offer frozen, gourmet meals that you can have delivered right to mom’s door. Special gift baskets and gift meals are available too.

  • DineWise: With 45 years of experience and 1,000s of choices available, DineWise offers nutritious frozen meals and includes different diet plans for those watching their waistlines.
  • MagicKitchen: With dozens of main courses to choose from, MagicKitchen offers healthy, chef-prepared meals for every palate. From gourmet to special diets, there’s something for every mother on their menu.
  • iGourmet: Voted Forbes Best of the Web in Gourmet Food, iGourmet offers loads of gourmet prepared meals that make delicious, unique gifts for moms. Appetizers, desserts and dinners galore, everything’s there to give your mother a special present she’ll love (and if you’re lucky, share).

What Gifts Make Moms Feel Special?

For the most part, any gift that you put time and thought into is special. If your mom or wife loves to take long, bubbly baths, then, by all means, get her another bath soap gift basket. But if those same bath soaps hang around year after year, maybe it’s time to find a new gift for your loving mother – you can click here to find out some great options. If you think of her day and what she likes to do, you’re sure to find a meaningful present that she’s sure to love.

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