Spring Cleaning

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This time of year, I always get a hankering for cleaning… the windows, the dreaded garage (uugh), baseboards, carpets, closets, and yes, even my website!

I like to get rid of affiliate programs that are not doing anything for me, links that no longer reciprocate (or exist), marketing strategies that no longer produce, and of course, content that is no longer compelling, old, stale, and just plain dormant.

To help with the task of Spring Cleaning my website, I decided to share a few of the chores on my to-do list, as well as tips for handling the dirty jobs. Enjoy.

#1 CONTENT – How fresh is your content? Clean it up with some of your latest accomplishments, client testimonials, or even an updated picture of yourself. Static sites do not sell! Let your potential clients know that you are still in business by posting dates of your last updates. Skilled marketers can help you to write new and enticing content. Offer a Spring special on a product or service – but make sure it is worth your client’s while.

#2 KEYWORDS & META TAGS – How is your site currently ranking in the search engines? Time to do some testing and spring cleaning of those keywords and meta tags. Keywords and phrases that worked last year may not be so hot this year. You can see how many times your keywords are being used by using different keyword trackers and how well those search engines like your meta tags & content.

#3 LINKS – As you know, link exchanges help boost your Google PR, but what you may not know is that you will be ranked higher by exchanging links with content relevant to yours. This Spring, be sure to go through your links and remove those that are no longer linking to your site, as well as those that no longer exist.

#4 AFFILIATE PROGRAMS – Have you checked your affiliate commissions lately? I’ve been burned time and again by affiliate programs that refuse to pay me. Either they move their thresh holds up, or they do not acknowledge qualified clicks/sales. Stay on top of this! Be sure to check your commissions and request payouts once your commissions meet the required thresh hold. Move your affiliate links around – and pick up some new link codes to keep this content fresh as well.

#5 DO SOMETHING NEW – Try a different marketing strategy with your coaching, e-books or e-zines. Giveaways are always a great way to encourage sales. A professional marketing company can help you come up with a compelling marketing startup strategy that will move the potential client or customer from being a looker to being a buyer:

Awareness – Generate awareness of the product or service you’re promoting by prominently placing information about it throughout your website.
Consideration – What is the best way to make your viewers consider the product or service you are trying to sell? Is it an attractive price? Is it something that makes the viewer believe that you will fill a need that they have? Is it being consistent in mentioning the benefits of this “thing” you are promoting throughout your entire site? Absolutely. All of the above.
Try – What is the best way to get your potential clients/customers to try your product? Offer them a taste of what it would be like! Give them a sample coaching session or free consult that will ultimately move them into the final phase of the ACT-B model. This is your time to shine!
Buy – The potential client/customer becomes a paying client or customer.

# 6 REVIEW YOUR SERVICES – Make sure you’re all up to date with your domain name renewal and hosting services. If you are paying more than $9.99 per month, consider moving to another host. I personally use Living dot. They offer free BLOG installation! (If you aren’t already blogging… there’s another line item to add to your Spring Cleaning to-do list).

#7 ADD SOME AUDIO TO YOUR SITE – How about a 10-15 minute recording that speaks about one of the products or services you are selling from your site? This is another great way to build awareness & consideration from the ACT-B model. Here is a source you can use: Instant Audio

#8 REFRESH YOUR MIND & BODY – Take daily walks. Ok, not so much related to your online marketing, but the fresh air will certainly help with writer’s block… and your body won’t mind getting out and moving either. Summer will be here before you know it.

#9 EDUCATION – Take a new class to educate yourself on online marketing, niche’ ing, personal branding, and the like. The more you know about today’s marketing trends, the better you can prepare and position your business.

#10 PUT IT ON THE CALENDAR – Figure out which of these items you are going to implement on your site and put it on the calendar. Give yourself a deadline. Get it done.

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