Find the Perfect Location- Small Business Success

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Find the Perfect Location- Small Business Success

Searching for a location for your small business may be overwhelming and time consuming. It depends upon what your needs are. Is it a place that your customers will drive to or is location the key due to heavy traffic. Whether location is important depends on what type of business you are? And, getting the best deal is important as well so let’s start the process.

What type of business

Business location - gas stationLet’s take some examples. A gas station is location driven. It must be on a busy road where cars pass on a regular basis. Another example might be a fast food restaurant. Most people frequent a fast food drive through because it is on the way to work/school/home, for example. A location based business depends on the traffic that passes during the open hours. A small business owner of this type of business would pick a busy shopping mall or a facility at the corner of two busy streets.

A destination small business is a place where people, your customer, are willing to drive to. You may be out of the way but the service you offer is worth the time. An example of this might be a restaurant that has the best steaks in town at a great price. Their customers would come from all over the city and maybe neighboring cities as well. A customer might be willing to drive to an architect’s office to see the design of his future house.

Do you need the space for manufacturing or storage? Is it an office to operate from or a storefront? Ask the question: Do you need heavy pedestrian traffic to succeed or can you bring your clients to your place where ever it is?

Additional Items to consider

Business location - foot traffic

– Access to highways, the building for deliveries, the airport, parking, transportation.

– Price is always an issue. Rates depend on the location and size.

– Draw your customers by locating near a complimentary store such as a shoe store next to an apparel store.

– Zoning requirements may not approve your small business so check.

– If a destination, make sure there is plenty of parking before signing the lease.

– Flexibility allows you to negotiate lower rental prices.

– Landlords may help you, in today’s economy negotiation is a practice.

If you pursue your destination in an organized fashion and evaluate each property thoroughly, the small business owner will find the perfect location for their purpose. Try to keep emotion out of it, although excitement is necessary, logic is needed for the best deal.

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