How Employers Should Handle Staff Motivators

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How Employers Should Handle Staff Motivators - employee motivation

Staff motivation remains a challenge for employers. In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs principle and Herzberg’s theory of motivation-dissatisfiers have always been a part of business lessons. What creates a motivated employee? How does a business system or an employer recognize and reward their staff for jobs well done, at the same time making them fulfilled to stay on being loyal and motivated to the company?

Understanding employee motivation should be important from a management perspective. Motivation is a complex concept. It is not just about remuneration and recognition. To motivate employees, there should be communication within the workplace. Management should look into how working under pressure, having a competitive environment, and other factors motivate employees.

Giving Employee Task Control. These are issues such as objectives, planning, responsibility, quality, competition, challenge and accountability. Initially, objectives should be set for tasks that provide a challenge, for example, reduce cost or increase quality. Motivation may be increased when a staff member is given greater control over tasks. Managers should also provide for task variety, within the capabilities of the staff.

Employee Recognition and Rewards. These include status, praise, recognition, freedom in decision making, fun at work and corporate social contact. Any

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Home-based Business Startup Requirements

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Home-based business startup requirementsHow does one start a home-based business? And more, a successful one? Before venturing into any business set-up, it is important to work through the entire business selection process. Otherwise, the potential business runs the risk of investing time, energy and money in a losing business venture.

Here are basic requirements of the process that a potential business owner need to consider to start a home-based business that has a potential for success.

Acknowledge Intent for a Home-Based Business Idea

You are on your own. A decision between you and family has been made that you will work in the comforts of your home away from the stresses of annoying traffic. Whatever reasons made, this will motivate you to forge your business plan and ensure that the right thing is done.

Assess Talents as a Business Owner

Home-based business startup requirements - entrepreneur

What are your inherent gifts? Identify your unique traits and what makes you stand out. For example, you have a gift for communicating and ear for listening. These are talents that will assist your business venture.

Analyze Skills Set as a Business Owner

Talent and skill are two different aspects. You also need to identify your skills to be utilized in your home

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